Best time for AC service

Making sure that your home’s AC works before summer starts is a necessity for every homeowner. The last thing you will want is a broken AC unit when the temperatures reach triple digits. Having to suffer through a long, hot summer without a working air conditioner can be torture. To prevent this from happening to your home, you will need to schedule regular service for your AC unit.

The best time to schedule an AC service appointment is in the spring. This will allow you to diagnose any problems with your air conditioner and provide you with ample time to get the issues corrected before the temperature starts to heat up. Since you will need to schedule your AC service appointment days or even weeks in advance, it is important that you provide enough of a buffer zone before the hot weather arrives to get your AC unit fixed.

Another good time to have your AC unit checked is in the fall. After you have spent the last few months running your air conditioner nonstop, you will want to schedule a service appointment to prolong the life of your AC unit. Having a repairman come out and look at your AC unit to make sure nothing broke during the summer will make it easier to get your AC unit up and running again next summer.