Cambridge Heating and Air-Conditioning Solutions

Cambridge Heating and Air-Conditioning Solutions is a household name in Ontario. They offer a wide range of heating and cooling products. Their primary goal is customer satisfaction and quality service delivery. Through years of experience in design and marketing of heating and cooling products, they understand that the most significant tool is to gratify the customers. They specialize in creating customized home comfort systems tailored according to the needs of their customers.
Heating and Air-Conditioning Solutions offered by them have high energy efficiency with Seasonal EnergyEfficiency Ratings(SEER) generally higher than 14, use environmentally sound refrigeration, have low sound ratings thus leading to quiet operation, high quality coil guard for coil protection, 10 years warranty for cushioned compressor and 5 year warranty for limited parts. Central heating and conditioning units are also available in ‘split’ systems which enhance their effect. HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Condition) is the technology used for indoor or automobile environmental comfort solutions.
Cambridge Heating and Air-Conditioning Solutions offer to sell, install and service a wide range of products to provide the customers a comfortable environment to live in. Their innovative designs and tested superior technologies at reasonable prices make them the most popular dealers in Cambridge.