Tips to maintain a gas furnace

Gas furnace maintenance is a very important job which must be done from time to time. Your gas furnace must be cleaned every year. Along with the cleaning, you have to check the gas furnace, whether it is working properly or not. If the gas furnace is not working properly, then carbon monoxide is produced which is highly poisonous and can cause flu, confusion, dizziness and many other health hazards. Here are a few tips for the maintenance of gas furnace.

Most gas furnaces use cardboard-fiberglass filters which you should replace regularly. Changing or cleaning the filter after every three months is essential to prevent gas leakage. Vacuuming, washing and air-drying it several times a year is also one of the best techniques to keep your gas furnace clean. You can determine if your gas furnace needs cleaning or not, by checking its flame. A gas furnace flame should be blue if it’s burning cleanly. A yellow flame calls for a professional inspection of the burner and cleaning.

Make sure to lubricate the blower motor parts of the gas furnace regularly every two to five years to keep the furnace in good condition. Inspection of the heating components is necessary for reception of the perfect service. Newer furnaces should function properly for years, but you should get an annual inspection to ensure correct operation and to watch for signs of corrosion.

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