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Cimatec Airscreen 1000 (Code: )

Cimatec Airscreen 1000

AirCleen 1000

The Airscreen 1000 is our original electronic air cleaner. It is the workhorse of our air cleaners. The Airscreen 1000 effortlessly traps airborne particles particles then 1 micron, in its unique electronically charged glass fiber media. The Airscreen 1000 also has a low pressure drop. The lower the pressure drop in your duct work, the less energy your furnace wastes to efficiently re-circulate the air through your home. The media inside airscreen 1000 is made of virtually see-through glass fiber pads. The material is so light, that it allows the air to smoothly pass through. On the other hand, the media is electronically charged hence creating a powerful magnetic field within the air cleaner. This magnet easily attracts smallest airborne particles, and those are the ones that really need to be trapped.

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