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Geo Thermal

Geothermal heating solutions provide an innovative way for your home to harness the untapped energy found in a resource you already own: your land. A geothermal unit pulls heat from the soil in your own backyard utilizing a circuit of pipes buried in the ground. A (non toxic environmentally friendly) anti-freeze runs through these pipes, allowing a heat pump to extract the earth’s natural warmth.If you have a well, pond, stream or lake on your property, a similar geothermal system can be installed to draw heat from the water source. With both ground and water-sourced geothermal systems, the process is reversed in the summer months as heat and humidity are pulled out of the home by the geothermal unit to provide air conditioning.

Geothermal heating stands as the most energy efficient home comfort system available today, making it a welcome alternative to traditional furnace systems. Geothermal users find noticeable savings on their energy bills, as geothermal systems can reduce energy consumption by 65%. Best of all, geothermal systems provide whole home comfort. In the summer, a geothermal system can extract coolness from the ground, providing air conditioning to your home.